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Business Account Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges
ATM & mobile deposit adjustments $2.50  
ATM surcharge $2 Free when using SCE FCU or CO-OP Network ATMs
Bill Pay $5
Expedited payment – electronic
Expedited payment – check
Send money via PayPal
Checks at cost Personal and Business
Check copies $2 2 free per statement
Coin deposit 5%
of amount redeemed by members
of amount redeemed by non-members
Courtesy Pay (paid item)3 $26 No fee if overdrawing available account balance by $5 or less or if the transaction is $5 or less and paid by using Courtesy Pay; no more than four Courtesy Pay fees per day per account
Debit card replacement $5  
DMV services $50 Title transfers, lease buyouts, private party and out-of-state sales
Escheat $2  
Excess checks paid 30¢  
Excess currency or coin $2 Per 1,000 may be discounted with armored car service
Excess deposited items 10¢  
Excess deposits $2  
Foreign collection item $30
All other countries
Inactive account $5 No activity in 12 months – waived with balances > $250 or for members under 18
Legal action $50 Tax levies, judgments, garnishments or subpoenas
Loan document copy $10  
Loan modification $50  
Medallion stamp $25  
Notary $5 $2.50 each additional signature
Online or phone payment $12.50
Phone-assisted payment
One-time online payment
Recurring automatic online payments
Photocopies 20¢  
Research $24 Per hour
Return deposited item $15 $25 for deposited or cashed check on account with same ownership or on loan payment
Return item/NSF $26 (nonsufficient funds) Per item each time presented and/or if paid and not covered by Courtesy Pay
Return mail $5 Up to $30 refund with correction
Safe deposit box annual fee4 $50
Skip payment $30 Limit 2 per year
Special delivery for card or PIN at cost  
Statement copies $3 Per statement
Stop payment $10
Checks & Bill Pay
Cashier’s check
Verification of deposit $15  
Visa Gift Cards (at select branches) $2.50 $10 replacement
Wire transfers $15